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Go Paperless

Sandra is a 10 year real estate broker in the west GTA region, and has discovered the most efficient path from paper to paper-less: Repree! Join her weekly at 10am EST as she provides priceless tips and tricks on some of the following hot topics:

- Beginners guide to Repree
- Objection handling for clients and other Realtors
- Legalities and myths surrounding e-signatures and the cloud
- Step-by-step guide to move from paper to paper-free
- Benefits and potential pitfalls - how to maximize your new system

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Talking Points

Going Paperless - Taking your business "paperless" can seem like a daunting task. We will talk about best practices, what to look for and steps to get going!
Simplifying your Business - Eliminate the need for multiple systems to manage your business. Here we will talk about centralizing everything so that you have one stop for all your information!
Getting started with Repree? We'll walk you through client creation, transaction management, forms and an electronic signature session to get you rolling quickly.
Electronic Signing - You asked for it! We will talk about electronic signing from start to finish. Must-have features, client signing experience and how to protect yourself and your clients.
Forms - All the forms you need are already here. We will explore these feature rich forms and walk you through how to create and edit any form - including your schedules - from within Repree.
Some starter tips and tricks. Where to get more help and assistance, and a quick touch on many of the advanced features Repree has to offer.
  • 10:00 AM - EDT